merk ilmoit suosikiks Deluxe Dental/Medical Plan only $39.95/month for entire household! (nationwide coverage) piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin

Plan includes savings on the following:
DENTAL~~60-80% off all general dental procedures, no waiting period on major procedures, no exclusions on existing conditions, no limits on coverage, cosmetic dentistry and braces for all ages included!
VISION~~20-80% off exam, frames, lens, coats, tints, contacts, lasik surgery!
PRESCRIPTION~~20-80% off at nationwide pharmacies including CVS, Walgreens & Walmart! Save on Diabetic testing supplies too!
CHIROPRACTIC~~ 50% off diagnostic and 30% off adjustments!
TELEMEDICINE~~Access to a licensed physician 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, by phone. Doctor will consult, diagnosis, give treatment advice, medical information and can even call in a prescription!
ANCILLARY SERVICES~~ 20-80% off on all lab work, such as Blood panels, Mammograms, MRIs, X-rays and more.
HOSPITAL ADVOCACY~~ 65-85% off any medical bill over $2500 when our professional advocates mediate these bills for you! Don't be a statistic, 5 out of 10 bankruptcies are due to medical bills!

Other Plans available:
Dental Plan only $24.95/month with savings up to 80% on all dental procedures with no waiting period, no exclusions, no limits on coverage and no age limits. Cosmetic dentistry and braces for all ages included. Plan also includes savings on Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic.

Med Plus plan only $24.95/month for the entire household includes Telemedicine with access to a licensed physician 24/7 by phone. Get a diagnosis, medical and treatment advice and have a prescription called in to a participating pharmacy! Plan also includes ancillary service discounts (xrays, MRIs, blood work, mammograms, etc) and Hospital Advocacy which reduces outstanding large medical bills (over $2500) by 65-85% with or without insurance!

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