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I know you cheated. I heard the phone calls; I saw you'd removed your ring; I've seen your online posts, your flirting, your hints at someone else in your heart. You'll never admit it to me, even though I gave you the evidence - but I know.

The least you owed me was to be honest. Yes, it would hurt to say it, and it would hurt me to hear it, but the truth sets us free.

Now I have to go get re-tested for STDs because you lied. I have to wonder if you had anyone in our home, in my bed. I have to wonder who and how many are laughing at me.

Every friend who sided with you and covered for you is just as guilty. You have sh*tty friends. Now I know why I never clicked with them.

I never cheated. Never. Not on you, and not on anyone I've ever been with. No matter how bad things got, I didn't cross that line. I could have, but I didn't.

I really tried with you. I did. I put myself last so many times, and for what? I gave you the benefit of the doubt, and for what? You can't tell me the truth, even now. How do you live with yourself? I've been cheated on before, and so have you. We're not strangers to that pain. How could you? I told you repeatedly you could do whatever, but we had to be able to talk about it. You were a coward. Too selfish to share me, and too selfish to tell me what you were doing.

Everything I did, I did for good reasons. Even when it hurt. Even when I wanted to die. Even when it cost me something. You can't say the same. This anger jolts through me like lightning, and I have no place for that energy to go.

I deserved better.

I won't ask you any more questions about the past; you won't answer them. Just stop yelling and carrying on, and figure out how to move forward as separate people.

Someday you'll get hurt again, or you'll be broke and homeless again, or your friends will turn on you, or your health will fail, or you'll just plain miss me. When that day comes, I won't be there.

Remember my face. Remember what I gave up for you, and what you took and took and took from me.


The truth hurts.

You were wrong - about me. About us. About everything. You won't admit it, but that doesn't change the facts.

I will never again live with someone I'm dating. It's not worth all this pain and mess.
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