How to identify scam posts - $900 (Bloomington)

condition: like new
make / manufacturer: Coyote Airstream Jayco
model name / number: Your favorite
Well folks, the scammers flagged me down again. Why? They lose money when you read this.

The most recent scams:

-Coyote camper, one pic, bizarre text
-Blue tinted photos, often with a zipcode in the post title; some have a street address.
-Small horse trailers at insanely cheap prices
-Dealers avoiding Craigslist fees, polluting Owner categories
-Impossibly cheap Airstreams, Champ/Scamp fiberglass trailers

The details:

They're back. $800 Harley trailers, and impossibly cheap "canned ham" 1970s trailers. Two-horse "bumper-pull trailers" for $901!! They're scams.

The quick scam review: HasAGmailAddress obscured in the body or pasted on a pic; has a colored border on a Pic By Owner. If you see dealers posting as owners, PLEASE FLAG THEM.

Scams have some new variants. Most scams lure you with impossible low prices and email addresses that are vaguely disguised. A trigger that it's a scam comes when There'sAGmailAddress listed in the post body or pasted on a pic. Run and hold onto your wallet.

Here's what to look for, which identifies them as probable scams:

1. Three or less attached pics, often with borders or weird pic sizes. These pics are stolen from other ads and altered in small ways with shading, borders, or vast re-sizing. This fools Craiglist photo filters.
2. Attempts at obscuring an email address in the body of the post.
3. Attempts at obscuring a phone number, especially one not used in your area.
4. Multiple postings in differing areas that identify them as being in that area on the map.
5. References to Lake Elsinore and Decatur AL and phone numbers not your area code.
6. Weird characters and emojis everywhere, as if done by a 13 year old on sugar.
7. Description is word salad, absurd, or doesn't match reality.
8. Picture backgrounds of palm trees, a different season, mountains in flatland, etc.
9. Sounds too good to be true.
10. Weird prices like $801 or $1026

Two new scams involve bogus older canned ham-type trailers at prices between $400-900. Often there's only one or two pics because the scammers are too lazy to modify more pics. Many of these originate as listings in Ohio or Northern Kentucky. I don't know why.

Although dealers are permitted to put banners on their pics, those suggesting an email address on the pic or lightly obscured inside the text of the post are highly suspect. Please flag dealers posing as civilian owners.

The are a lot of reasons to never put a phone number in a text but people try to do this anyway. Remember that if it goes to court, voice conversations can't be used as evidence, but emails can. Scammers want you to call them. They'll give you all sorts of bogus sob stories about why you need to send them money, which you'll never ever see again. Don't be tempted. Never send money under any circumstances without a title within the reach of your hand. No excuses.

Please flag these when you see them. Never send money; you absolutely MUST do your transaction in person in a public place (local bank, police station, other SAFE place)! Never do a deal without a title in your hand for the vehicle. You may never be able to get a title or insurance with just a bill of sale because many states won't issue you a title without the docs, and without a title, you can't get insurance on your purchase.

My postings about scams have been flagged down countless times by the scammers who post this stuff. Remember, low and odd prices that are almost too low to believe, weird pics, multiple postings of the same item in various Craigslists, and email or phone addresses in the description, are HUGE ALARMS that mean scams. Dealer listings often have these items, but Owner listings do not. Scammers won't pay a dealer fee. Please flag these. Please.

The only way to stop bogus/scam posts is to flag the post. I flag 20-40 day. They pollute Craigslist, but Craigslist leaves this to us to clean up. These are flagged because they all follow the same pattern of deceit-- it works. Don't Be A Victim. Flag them! Don't burn your money!

Scrutinize pics. What season is the photo taken, what season is it now? Can you see indication that a license tag or other visuals match your area? Would an out of state plate indicate a title that might be a hassle to transfer to your state? Does the description match what you see in the photos? Use your eyes. Scammers don't care, so long as they scam you out of your hard earned money. And finally, never ever ever ever ever send money in advance. Their sob stories are great and well-rehearsed. Don't fall for their BS. Flag them.

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